New technology Schenker 2.0 introduced to the market

Schenker is proud to announce that has been introduced for all systems, effective May 2013, the new Schenker 2.0 technology.

The pressure intensifier of this new 2.0 version don't make use at all of dinamic o-rings.

The internal seals,  are made with  special frictions bands, made  of  special innovative  material produced with nanotechnology.

This material exhibits a very low friction coefficient, and an incredible resistance to abrasion, up to 15 times greater than carbon steel!

The result is a very smooth and  silent functioning, an increased efficiency, but above all a reliability and an expected life of the device unreachable with traditional technologies and materials.  Basically the new Energy Recovery System is almost a maintenance free device.

Never make water has been so easy, economical and reliable.