The Great Pacific Race

Schenker watermakers  will be the  technical sponsor of the mission CC4 Pacific, the crossing of the Pacific ocean with a pair rowing boat.  Christophe and Clement, 2 French guys, literally will entrust their life to the Schenker watermaker Smart 30,  their  only source for fresh water and food during the ocean crossing.

Let Christophe and Clement briefly explain their adventure:

“we are two 24 and 25-year-old students. In June 2014, we will cross a section of the Pacific Ocean on rowing boat taking part in the Great Pacific Race 2014 from California to Hawaii.

The Great Pacific Race, organized by New Ocean Wave Ltd, is a rowing race from Monterey Bay, California, to Hawaii. The most direct route is a little above 2100 nautical miles (around 3900km). We will take part in this race on a pair boat. The race will start on the 7th of June 2014.The crossing (California-Hawaii) has never been attempted by a rowing pair crew. According to the race organizers, who are professional ocean rowers, a pair boat may take from 35 to 80 day to reach Honolulu.Our project promotes an entrepreneurship spirit, the trust in the future and a can-do attitude. We would like to show that with perseverance and determination, you can make your craziest dreams come true, achieve goals you believed impossible.Rowing an ocean in pair boat requires a can-do-attidude, an high adaptability and a real sens of performance which are values conveyed by Schenker Watermakers in its natural environment. We are glad to have their support.During our crossing we are going to use a watermaker SMART 30 designed and serviced by Schenker Watermakers. This model is very light, it can produce 30L/h with low energy consumption. It is perfectly adapted for an ocean rowing.

Our project hinges around three key ideas:

      - a sport challenge: This journey is over 2100 nautical miles, about 3900km with only muscle power. We are taking part in an international race with no stops and no assistance. 20 crews coming from all over the world are already registered among which we are the youngest pair.

      - a human challenge: It is not only a physical challenge, it is also a dramatic human adventure. This project is highly related with the capability of each of us to hold its commitments until final success.

     - an environmental challenge: We wanted to give more sense to our adventure. So we established a partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe which is the most active organization for coastal and Ocean preservation.

Visit our website:www.cc4pacific.comfor further information.”