Schenker Modular 300 “Nominated Product “ at I-NOVO TECH AWARD 2016

Schenker new watermaker Modular 300 run for NauticExpo’s i-NOVO Awards will identify and reward products that improve industry standards through innovation for boating and maritime professionals.
The i-NOVO Tech award will be given to products that demonstrate novel use of technology, whether it be the invention of a new technology, a technological innovation in the fabrication process.
Modular 300 features make the unit suitable for applications on professional large vessels and superyachts. Efficient, compact, silent, automatic the new Modular 300 is ideal for all applications where productivity and reliability really does matter. The Modular 300 is the first watermaker fitted with a main pump based on the latest multistage centrifugal technology, without any sliding part, and a last generation volumetric energy recovery system. This technologic combination provides a very high efficiency combined with an amazing reliability. As matter of fact the unit produces 300 lit/h of pure fresh water with an electric consumption of 2 kWatt only. The global reliability is very high, and tested even for h24 continuous running. Excellent value for money. 3 years warranty.