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Schenker around the world: United Kingdom market and distribution

Schenker Watermakers in one of the most important Marine markets in the world: United Kingdom. An analysis through data and distribution.
26 Oct 2021

The Marine industry, in all its variations, is a sector that has known uninterrupted growth for years. Globally, the revenue of this industry is estimated to be approximately 45 billion, of which 20 billion come from recreational cruising. About 45% of the total market share is controlled by North America (USA and Canada), but one of the most stunning facts comes from United Kingdom.

The revenue of the Marine market in UK was estimated to be approximately 4,5 billion in 2020. It represents the 10% of the total amount. Sales increased by 9% than the previous year, despite the lockdown of the first months of 2020.
Here follows some other interesting evidence:

  • 3544 boats – new or second-handed – have been sold in UK during 2020;
  • The purchase of large size boats rose by 18% in 2020;
  • Due to Covid pandemic, the phenomenon of staycation had a boom in UK, reflecting itself also over the number of boats sold (+50% during the 2020 summer).

There are several reasons why the success of United Kingdom in Marine industry has been so huge. These reasons have to be found in the ancient historical naval tradition as well as  the constant technological innovation brought by the companies of the sector.

What is certain is that United Kingdom is a fundamental market for whoever wants to make business in the industry. Product innovation, competitive prices, professionalism, dealer networks… all of these are essential elements for this success, both for boat and marine accessory producers.

Schenker in the UK market

Schenker Watermakers, together with the new purification system Pick&Drink, are included in the accessory section of Marine industry.
Of course, the numbers of this specific market niche are far lower than the whole industry. Nevertheless, marine accessories represent a sector that is constantly evolving, both in product quality and proposed technological innovation. A clear example of that is the innovative Zen watermaker, launched on the market just a couple of years ago by Schenker.

The innovative Zen watermaker in the 30 l/h version.

A key performance indicator for the trend of the company in the market is the growth rate: compared to the same period of 2020, Schenker’s revenue has had an increase of 40% in 2021. Moreover, emphasizing the importance of UK market in the Marine industry, almost 10% of the whole Schenker’s revenue comes from United Kingdom.

Obviously, achievements like these can be reached only through strong and reliable partnerships.

Mactra Marine Ltd, Schenker exclusive dealer in UK

Schenker is not an exception to the above. In fact, since 2005, the company has been cooperating with one of the best dealers of Marine equipment in UK: Mactra Marine Ltd.

Mactra is a medium-sized family business specialising in marine watermakers and managed by Jim MacDonald, Managing Director of the company. There are many reasons for whichJim chose Schenker 16 years ago:

  • The low energy consumption guaranteed by Schenker watermakers, also using direct current (DC);
  • The constant innovation of the proposed products;
  • The reliability and the efficiency both of the products and the post-sale service;
  • The familiar relationship that has been built up with Schenker team over the years.

The reliable relationship with Mactra MarineLtd, Schenker’s spirt of innovation and the positive trend both of the global and British Marine industry, all represent elements that outline a brilliant future for the Italian company.