80% less power consumption

Power consumption is reduced by up to 80% compared with conventional watermakers. For example just 240 Watts is required to produce 60 litres of drinking water.

Maximum space saving

Our R&D department has engineered an ultra compact and efficient desalinator. That is why all Zen products can be installed everywhere, whether you own a yacht or a small boat, they will provide the ideal solution for limited space.

Battery power supply

Thanks to this high efficiency, Schenker watermakers can be powered even directly from service batteries, without the need for a generator.

Quiet operation

Schenker watermakers low pressure pump and Energy Recovery System result in quiet, vibration free operation.


Thanks to the low electric consumption the CO2 emissions necessary for making water are lower than 85%.

Schenker watermaker allows to produce water and consider the environment.

Corrosion free materials

The parts of the watermaker in contact with sea water are mainly made with carbon fibre or acetylic resin.

The watermaker is totally corrosion free then. Lifetime.

Automatic pressure regulation

Working simplicity. Thanks to the automatic pressure regulation there are no valves to regulate or operations to carry out. All at the flick of a switch.

No wear components

The internal seals of the new 2.0 systems, are made with special frictions bands produced with nanotechnology.

This material exhibits a very low friction coefficient, and an incredible resistance to abrasion, up to 15 times greater than carbon steel!