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Pick&Drink is a complete water filtration kit taking water from your tank to produce clean and
pleasant water. An unlimited quantity of cleaner water will always be available from the water tap.
No need to carry supplies of plastic bottled water, reducing your reliance on plastic and protecting
our oceans.

The water filtration kit consists of a pair of pre-assembled filters which can be installed under the sink cabinet and a drinking water faucet. Thanks to the quick-fit design, the system can easily be connected to the pressurised freshwater system of the boat.

  • The first Pick&Drink filter is a carbon filter which removes impurities up to 5 microns, chlorine and any unpleasant water smell and/or taste.
  • The second Pick&Drink filter removes bacteria and suspended solids down to 0.15 microns through a process known as microfiltration. It reduces the bacterial load by 99,99%, as tested.

Simple installation

Thanks to the complete fittings kit supplied, the system can be easily connected to the pressurized fresh water system of the boat. The cartridges, once exhausted, can be easily replaced with new ones thanks to a practical bayonet connection with safety catch.



  • Life of the cartridges: 10000 liters
  • Maximum pressure: 7 Bar
  • Water flow rate: 3 liters per minute
  • Improves the quality of water
  • Filtration of 5 and 0,15 micron
  • Replaceable cartridges

The kit consists of:

  • 5 microns “carbon block” filter
  • 0,15 microns microfiltration filter
  • American Style sink
  • Complete fittings kit

It is recommended to let the water flow through the filter at maximum pressure and with maximum flow rate for 5 minutes, so as to allow the purge of the air present in the cartridge.

  • Pick&Drink needs regular maintenance in order to ensure its correct operation.
  • Replace the filters every 6 months if the range of 10000 liters is exceeded and at the beginning of every new season.
  • Pick&Drink must be used for the treatment of potable water only.
  • After periods of inactivity (3-4 weeks) carry out an accurate sanitization of the plumbing and the tap and replace the filters.
  • This is not a water sterilizer.

Typical installation

Typical installation

Typical installation

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