Innovative watermakers since 1998

Established in 1998 Schenker is a leading manufacturer of high quality watermakers based on an energy recovery system. Our company owns 4 patents for unique small scale energy efficient solutions.

Why choose us?

80% less power consumption

Energy consumption can be reduced up to 80% compared to conventional systems

Maximum space saving

An ultra thin design is ideal for space restrictions and provides easy access for maintenance

Battery power supply

Our watermakers are powered directly from batteries without the need of a generator

Marine Watermakers

Schenker watermakers are simple, quiet, compact, efficient and fully automatic. A Schenker watermaker will allow you – whether you own a yacht, a sail boat or any vessel – to extend your cruising duration and increase your independency from marinas, thus enjoying more time at sea. Schenker’s three-years warranty is backed up by our international network of sales and service representatives.

Zen Zen RANGE: 30-50-100-150 LIT/H

Can be installed in all positions, horizontal as well as vertical. Not much bigger than a briefcase.

Smart Smart RANGE: 30-60-80-100 LIT/H

Smart technology is mainly based on single, long membranes. Conveniently main components of the Smart watermakers (ERS, membranes, valves, pipes) are separated.

Modular Modular RANGE: 35-60-100-150-230-300-500 LIT/H

Likewise the Smart watermaker also Modular main components are separated and there are 3 different control options.

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