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Schenker watermaker benefits: everything you should know

Why Schenker marine watermakers are different from traditional ones? What are the main benefits?
4 Oct 2021

Given the fact that the world of marine watermakers is a niche market, it is wide and complicated, ruled by technical factors which can make a huge difference between good products and poor ones. For this reason, the choice of the best watermaker to install onboard is often more difficult than expected.
For example, what are the benefits to be sought in a modern watermaker? How to understand what are the right features?

The main benefit of a watermaker is the production of drinking water, of course. This happens through the conversion of the salt water in fresh water through the reverse osmosis process. However, this is just what is called core benefit, that defines a category of products. Anyway, the factors that really make the difference are others.

In this article we are going to describe (in an easy way) all the benefits given by a Schenker marine watermaker, many of which represent a fundamental milestone for the innovation of the industry.

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Drinking water production: Schenker products

As previously said, the main benefit of a marine watermaker is the production of drinking water from sea salty water. From this perspective, Schenker watermakers are not so different, of course.

Schenker products can be divided in three models:

  • Zen (30 – 50 – 100 – 150 litres per hour)
  • Smart (30 – 60 – 80 – 100 litres per hour)
  • Modular (35 – 60 – 100 – 150 – 230 – 300 – 500 litres per hour)

Each model has its own specific features, which make it unique (for example, Zen has a compact and ultra-flat design that make it suitable also for the smallest boats with few free spaces onboard).
Despite the differences, each Schenker watermaker model has a single yet ground-breaking feature in common: being the starting point for a wide range of unprecedented benefits.

The starting point: the Energy Recovery System

In order to understand many of the benefits given by a Schenker watermaker, it is important to make a short introduction of the best innovation branded Schenker: the Energy Recovery System (ERS).

The ERS allows to increase the push produced by a low-pressure pump. This means the reverse osmosis takes place without the use ofhigh-pressure pumps (as it usually takes place), with an energy performance far better than the one guaranteed by the traditional watermakers. Lower power consumption, low-pressure pumps… our most experienced readers would have already understood that, thanks to the ERS (patented device), a lot of the Schenker watermakers benefits described are possible.

A Schenker Zen watermaker in the company head-quarter.

Schenker watermakers: main benefits

Once we explained how the ERS works, let’s talk about the benefits of Schenker products:

  • -80% power consumption. The typical power consumption of a Schenker watermaker in full activity is just 4 Watt per litres of water produced (the 80% lower than traditional machines). This is possible thanks to the ERS, which allows to use low-pressure pumps for the functioning of the reverse osmosis.
    The extremely high energy efficiency of Schenker watermakers is one of the most important benefits of the industry.
  • Battery power supply. With a lower amount of energy needed, many Schenker products can be powered even directly from service batteries (independently from an onboard generator). This leads to two other great benefits: more space and less weight onboard (if you do not want to have a generator); more flexibility in the choice of the item to use to power the watermaker (battery or generator, it depends on the specific situation).
  • Quiet and vibrationfree operations. The ERS does not have benefits just in terms of power consumption. In fact, thanks to the low-pressure pumps, Schenker watermakers are quiet and vibration-free.
  • User friendly. In a technical world like the watermaker one, simplicity is a must. This is the reason why Schenker products are designed to be user-friendly, no manual adjustment is required (for example, the pressure control is fully automatic).
    Moreover, each function can be performed remotely thanks to remote control panels.
  • Corrosion-free and no wear components. Watermakers operate in an extremely hostile environment, in contact with salty water, bacteria and microplastics. This is why the quality of components and materials of a watermaker is fundamental.
    Schenker products are built in carbon fiber or acetylic resin, which makes them totally corrosion-free.

In conclusion, the features of Schenker watermakers result in the possibility of having an unlimited availability of good quality drinking water effortlessly and with a really low power consumption. This allows to significantly increase of the comfort onboard.