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Water purification system: a new eco-product by Schenker Watermakers

Pick&Drink, the new innovative eco-product introduced by Schenker Watermakers that purifies the water.
13 Sep 2021

Necessity is the mother of invention”, Platone said. This seems to be the inspirational principle of Schenker Watermakers, which is happy to introduce the new Pick&Drink system: simple, convenient and incredibly efficient.

The complete Pick&Drink kit.

Product details

Pick&Drink is a complete kit which purifies the water from the tank, making  safe and pleasant tasting water. Unlimited quantity of  high quality drinking  fresh water is always available from the dispenser. No need to carry onboard supplies of plastic bottled water thereby reducing our reliance on plastic and protecting our oceans.

The kit consists of a pair of pre-assembled filters – which can be normally installed in the sink cabinet – and a dispenser. Thanks to the complete fittings kit supplied, the system can be easily connected to the pressurized fresh water system of the boat.

The first Pick&Drink filter is a “carbon block”, which removes impurities up to 5 microns, chlorine and bad smell and taste. The second filter restrains impurities up to 0,15 microns with a remarkable operation of final ultrafiltration. It reduces the possible bacterial load by 99,99%.

The maintenance is very easy, too. The cartridges, once exhausted, can be easily replaced with new ones thanks to a practical bayonet connection with safety catch.

Technical specifications

  • Water flow rate: 3 liters per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 7 Bar
  • Endurance of the cartridges: 10.000 liters of fresh water produced
The complete Pick&Drink installation scheme.
Installation scheme.