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5 reasons why you should buy a nautical watermaker

Why should you buy a nautical watermaker? Let's see 5 important reasons
22 Jan 2022

Man has sailed the seas and oceans for centuries without the need to bring a watermaker on board. Why have these devices become a must for most boat owners in recent years?

Before the watermakers were built, the crews of small, medium, or even large boats had no choice: to leave with “full” fresh water, and save it as much as possible, up to the possibility of reaching a port and making it again a load of water. So fresh water was consumed with proverbial thrift, and treated as a precious commodity. In addition, fresh water on the quay, in some places in the world, is not of good quality and is often available only for a fee.

Choosing to have a watermaker on board, on the other hand, allows you to navigate without limits, and to increase safety and comfort on board like few other accessories.

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But let’s go in order, and let’s examine the major benefits that a watermaker can offer:

  1. Greater independence. We have said it, a watermaker frees you from the need to return to a port to get water, practically increasing the autonomy of the boat to infinity. This means planning the cruise more freely.
  2. Save space and weight. A watermaker allows you to reduce the capacity or number of fresh water tanks. This means saving space, to be dedicated to the internal volumes of the boat or additional lockers, but above all saving weight, improving the displacement and performance of the boat. In fact, the additional weight of modern watermakers (equal to about 30 kg for a medium-sized watermaker) is largely offset by the weight savings of the water brought on board. Suffice it to say that a medium-sized boat, which has a typical fresh water storage capacity of 500 liters (equivalent in weight to half a ton), will instead be able to travel with a supply of only 150-200 liters, to the benefit of displacement. Smaller boats normally take full advantage of this extra space available and the weight savings.
  3. Save energy. With energy recovery desalinators, electricity consumption is truly minimal and it is not necessary to invest in a generator. Furthermore, modern desalinators devices require minimal maintenance, which means recovering the investment over time thanks to the unlimited and practically free supply of fresh water.
  4. More convenience. When the water supply comes only from the storage tanks, it is normally necessary to calculate and modulate the amount of water needed for primary needs. But with a watermaker this is no longer necessary. So it is always possible to take a long freshwater shower after a dip in the sea, and wash the boat with fresh water as often as you like.
  5. Waste reduction and environmental protection. Having a watermaker on board means getting rid of the need to stow large quantities of plastic water bottles on board. In fact, the water from the desalinator is of excellent quality, and is therefore perfectly drinkable.

Therefore, no more plastic to be disposed of, all to the advantage of practicality and environmental protection.

In short, having a watermaker on board allows you to navigate with more independence, safety and comfort. There is currently a wide range of models available with different sizes and prices. Therefore any boat, from the smallest to the largest, can have a watermaker suitable for its supply needs.